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How to Travel London Like Royalty

How to Travel London Like Royalty

Your go-to guide for an unforgettable European vacation.

A Summer to Remember

We’ve gathered up all the royal ways you can explore London and feel like a queen (or king!) while you adventure and unwind in England’s breathtaking capital. The summertime is prime time to visit Europe, so get those crowns ready—here we go!

Go Ahead, Be Trendy

One of the best ways to fully immerse yourself in the London vibe is to dress the part! London boasts some of the highest quality fashion retail stores that welcome locals and visitors alike. With a city like this, you can rest assured that you can be as trendy as you please and fit right into the local scenery. It’s worth splurging a little bit on yourself and we could not recommend a better city to do it in! In fact, take things to the next level with a chauffeur-driven car for the length of your stay…our travel advisors are happy to get you all set up!

Check Off the Must-Do’s

London is not a destination where you can do and see everything in a single vacation; however, when you work with our team, we can help you get the most out of your regal experience! Here’s a few of the most recommended must-dos from our team:

  • Private Pod on the London Eye: We know we just said you can’t see it all in a single vacation…but, you can see the entire capital city with The London Eye. Also known as The Millennium Wheel, it’s Europe’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel—and the Private Pod Experience is one we highly recommend! With this package, you get access to an entire pod for up to 25 guests along with a 30-minute rotation around the wheel that reveals breathtaking views of London! You’re sure to feel like royalty with a private pod experience. In addition to the private pod experience, the London Eye offers other viewing experiences—tap into our expertise to learn more and get this activity on your itinerary.

  • Afternoon Tea at Claridge: When it’s time for that midday rest, there is no better or more royal way to do it than Afternoon Tea at Claridge. As one of London’s greatest landmark hotels, Claridge offers guests a look into regency that is difficult to find anywhere else in the world. The elegant rooms and accommodations can turn afternoon tea into one of those moments you never forget—where you can relax and dine in the same halls graced frequently by celebrities and politicians alike. If you’re going for the royal London experience, Claridge must be high on the list. Our travel advisors will make sure you have time carved out to visit during your vacation!

  • The Royal Opera House: Art and music sometimes coalesces in the most beautiful of places and to our team and those we’ve helped travel; The Royal Opera House is an experience that should never be left out of your London adventure! From (you guessed it) opera performances to ballet performances, you can attune yourself to the culture that is proudly held in London. Summer is full of shows and performances for you to choose from, but we recommend getting tickets sooner rather than later as shows tend to sell out quickly! We’ll make sure you have your tickets ready before you even take off. This is the perfect addition to a royal expedition.

  • Shopping at Harrod’s: Remember earlier when we said you can be trendy? Well, Harrod’s, the world’s leading luxury department store, is the premiere place to do just that! There are plenty of shopping options—from handbags and women’s clothing to shoes and men’s apparel. Harrod’s even offers home decor options that can only be exclusively found in their London location. From here, you can take a little bit of that royalty home with you…even show off your one-of-a-kind finds to your friends and family. Luxury and elegance come together in a truly unforgettable shopping experience at Harrod’s. You might just want us to pencil in a whole day for your shopping trip…

Ready for London?

We’re ready to take you there! Connect with our team of travel advisors so that we can feel out your preferences for your royal getaway. Don’t sweat any of the planning…remember, that is all on us!

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