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Group Travel Inspiration & Perks

Updated: Apr 5

Your guide to creating the perfect group vacation experience.

Discovering Group Travel

It all usually starts with an idea or even a Google search, and maybe that’s how you ended up here—but one thing is for sure: you’re interested in planning a group travel vacation for you and your friends or family and need somewhere to start. Well, we’re happy you’re here, and we have some inspiration and benefits to group travel just below. Take this quick read as your starting point to an unforgettable vacation experience with an itinerary customized to your group.

Feel like skipping the read? Talk to one of our experts instead.

Let’s Start with the Sweet Bennies

We mean the benefits of group travel…and there are a lot of good reasons to consider a group trip for your next getaway! First of all, just like many things in life, splitting costs and saving budget are usually the top perks for most of our travelers. By bringing more people on a trip, you can reduce overall costs and even extend stays, making the total budget stretch further!

Additionally, there are a variety of options to choose from the more people you have on the trip—meaning resorts and destinations that may not have been a good fit are now available to fit your budget. More options and more savings. That’s something we love connecting groups with. We know a lot of these benefits get better with more people, but there are small-group travel options available too, check them out!

An extra perk for the group organizer/leader: You become royalty amongst your friends or families because you had the idea, connected with our team, and made it happen. VIP status achieved!

Popular Group Travel Destinations

The world is your oyster, and we’re here to help open up all the possibilities. There are some go-to destinations like Cancun or Mexico, and we want you to know that with our team, you’re able to customize your trip to make everyone in the group happy. Some favorites we are seeing pop up A LOT for groups are:

  • Jamaica

  • Turks & Caicos

  • Costa Rica

  • Cabo

  • Riviera Maya

  • Cruises

  • Safaris

Now, in all of these regions, there are a variety of choices for all-inclusive resorts, amenities, and experiences. That’s where we come in! All you have to do is tell us about your group and your preferences and we’ll match you with options to pick from—outlines of room blocks, loaded with entertainment, luxury amenities, and unlimited food and drink options.

How You Travel

Another important aspect to sort out before you get the group thinking of destination options is deciding how your group wants to travel. Be sure to determine if your group wants to cruise, stay in one place, or explore multiple destinations during the trip. One of the best parts about a group trip though, is that even though your whole group will be at the same hotel or resort, you can still personalize your trip–If you want to upgrade your room, you can AND if you want to go out and adventure while others relax, you totally can too! It can all be arranged for your group with one call to our travel team.

A Group Trip Off the Beaten Path

Before we send you off on the best group vacation ever, we want to also give you the permission you need to change things up a bit…i.e. do something out of the norm for vacation. If this gets you thinking, then let us tell you just a little more. Destinations like Alaska, Africa, and Costa Rica offer a far more rugged experience for those who seek it. From glacier river cruises to African Safaris, or even ziplining through a jungle canopy, there are more thrilling ways to spend your group vacation. More adventurous groups, please don’t be shy, we’ve got you covered too. 😉

Feeling Inspired?

Great—that’s exactly what we like to hear! Now, take that inspiration and transform it into action by connecting with our team. You’re ready to be the star of the friend group and our vacation planning is how you get there.

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