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Small Group Getaways

Small Group Getaways

Go ahead, get the gang together for this one.

Better, Together

Vacations are great, right? But when you get to go on a trip with a group of your closest friends or family—vacations get even better! By vacationing together, you get the unique opportunity to create new memories…together! Our team is well versed in making sure groups get the most out of their trip! So, don’t delete the group chat just yet…see what we can help your group with, and then connect with our team. A little of your time now means a way better time for you and your group later. Let’s dive into the variety of group trips we offer.

Bachelor + Bachelorette Parties

We have something to admit…these tend to be our FAVORITE group getaways to plan. Tap into our collection of adult-only resorts, destinations, and experiences to build up a getaway that will always be remembered (no matter the amount of alcohol consumed!). When you tap into our expertise, you can expect your trip to entail fun activities like spa parties and beach cabanas with bottle service. We know what you’re thinking…”sign me up!” We’re happy to show you the full potential of your bachelor or bachelorette party!

Couples Retreat

No matter your walk in life, if you have a partner, be it a wife, husband, or domestic partner, sometimes it feels good to get away with other like-minded couples. Our team is always ready to hear your ideas and then offer up suggestions based on your preferences. If you like white sand beaches, we’ve got a place for that. If it’s all about food, we’ve got A TON of places for that. Or if your group really enjoys getting into more rugged exploration…we’ve got destinations just for you. Any trip you want to plan can be sculpted to your preferences, you just need the right help (hint: that’s us!).

Milestone Birthdays

Most say “over the hill,” but we say “time for an unforgettable trip!” Turning a memorable age, whether it be 30, 60, 90, etc., is something that deserves to be celebrated, the right way. We encourage you to spend your special day in a remarkable destination surrounded by your family and friends. It’s okay if it sounds overwhelming to get the whole crew together—that’s what we’re here for! Hey, we’re also good at keeping secrets, so if it’s a surprise trip we can work with your group to plan surprise after surprise for the celebratory getaway. We can’t wait to give you some ideas!

Graduation Groups

Caps off to the grads! Get some extra ‘parent points’ by connecting with our team to plan a rewarding trip for your grad and their friends. Be it high school, college, or even to celebrate a master's or doctorate—planning a group getaway for graduation is always a good idea. We have connections to airlines, resorts, and more to tailor to your specific needs. You just tell us the parameters, and we’ll do the rest.

Didn’t See Your Small Group Getaway On the List…?

Don’t sweat it! We just picked a few of the most popular types of small group getaways but the truth is, we can help plan group trips with ANY kind of preferences, you are not just limited to the choices we discussed. When you connect with our team for your small group vacay you can expect and get access to:

  • Complimentary Rooms

  • Private Check-In

  • Upgrades (rooms, food options, experiences)

  • Group Websites and Facebook Groups

There’s, even more, to discover when you connect with our team. We think you’d also be surprised about how much your budget can do. Working with us is not an extra cost for your vacation. You only stand to save time and money with some guidance and our connections. It’s always a perfect time to start planning your next trip—let’s get started!

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